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Price: Rp 2.206.007

The Pro-Light Bumblebee-220 PL is a multi-featured professional on board* backpack designed to provide the best carrying, storage and www.camera.co.id  working solutions. Lightweight and Protective it will cater to the smallest detail of a professional's working needs.

Specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard runs down the front of the bag and an Aluminium Skeleton stave arcs across the mid section for ultimate structural protection. Light yet durable RipStop fabrics & meshes, Aeriform foams and Spider Webbing straps all join together to create a protective and light backpack, and the fantastic modularity allows you to make it even lighter by simply removing components that are not necessary for your everyday work.

The main compartment is designed to hold 2 to 3 DSLR camera bodies + up to 8 lenses (space for up to 500mm but with tripod mount dismantled) + flash + many other accessories. Use the modular Aeriform Dividers and Cocoon Pouches to custom fit your exact gear needs. Access to the main compartment can be from top, bottom or any other point so if you need to get to one specific item you do not have to open the entire bag and expose its content to prying eyes.


Additional storage space is available in the large full length rear laptop slot (will fit most 17" laptops). External top pocket and two side pockets will store personal effects such as phone, wallet, travel documents etc. These can also store small accessories you need rapid access too such as media cards, batteries or filter, while a flexible pocket on the other side will easily carry a water bottle.

The double purpose pocket on the bottom front of the bag can be used either for additional storage or as a docking base to secure a small tripod.

Includes items to enhance performance such as:

  • Tripod sling which can be attached to either the front or the side of the backpack.
  • Double-sided Elements Cover for protection in all weather and environment conditions come rain or sunshine.
  • Aeriform camera strap which is light, flexible and airy and can be used individually or interconnected to the two designated loops on the backpack harness thus providing frontal carrying for your camera by using your shoulders instead of having an additional strap around your neck.

The Bumblebee-220 PL enjoys an advanced ergonomic harness system which includes:

  • Gecko Harness � inimitable molded EVA foam harness straps feature 3D tapered thickness so as to provide extra cushioning where it counts, micro hatch texture secures position firmly and comfortably and shapely contour fits your body organically.
  • Soft molded 3D foam back for comfort, support and ventilation 
  • Clinch-Clasp Sternum Strap � Aluminium clinch connection sternum strap for effortless
  • Adjustable and removable waist belt will fit itself perfectly to your shape and build.
  •  2 specially designed connection strap loops for the included Aeriform camera strap
  • Ergonomic Photo System (EPH) � designated connection tabs to enable interconnections with other Kata products.
  • Insertrolley connection for wheel along transportation, when this is in use the harness tucks out of the way and waist belt can be removed and stowed away (Insertrolley not included).

* Due to constantly changing airline regulations, please check with your carrier prior to departure.

Unique features

Kata designed and patented numerous innovations that allow you to carry and operate your equipment with greater ease and efficiency. These details give you easier access to your equipment when using it, and greater freedom of movement when carrying.

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External Max Size Internal Main Compartment computer pocket inner size
L 34 13.4 L 32 12.6 L 32 12.6
W 28 11 W 18 7.1 W 4 1.6
H 52 20.5 H 50 19.7 H 48 18.9
Max. Weight : 6.5 lbs 2.965 Kg     Min. Weight : 4 lbs 1.825 Kg