Phottix Wired Remote N6 / 1m

Rp 50.000

The Phottix Wired Remote is a compact remote switch that lets you control all the functions of the camera shutter release button. It helps you avoid camera movements and shakes while capturing images with long exposure times. Half pressing the shutter button will focus the camera, and a full press will trigger the shutter, just like the on-camera shutter button. It also lets you click long exposure shots just by full pressing the button and sliding it to the direction of the arrow, locking the shutter. To unlock, you just have to slide back the shutter to its original position.

  • A compact remote switch
  • With all functions of the camera's shutter release button
  • Important to avoid camera moving
  • Convenient and easy to use when taking long exposure photos
  • Half press - causes the camera to focus
  • Full press - Triggers the shutter & takes the picture
  • Compatible with: Nikon D70s, D80