SDV MR-503C Mirrorless Camera Bag (Navy)

Rp 295.000

SDV MR-503C Mirrorless Camera Bag (Navy)

SDV Mirorrless Camera Bag MR-503c - Canvas
A camera bag is an accessory that is mandatory and very much needed for you mirrorless camera users. Because with a camera bag, you can protect your camera from dust, dirt and more. The camera bag can also carry several mirrorless camera accessories, each of which will need a place in your bag.

Simple & Stylish Design
Mirrorless Universal Camera Bag is a mirrorless camera bag that is designed with a simple but luxurious look, with black making this bag more elegant when you are wearing it. on the inside it has soft material so it can protect and hold your camera from shocks and also makes it not easily scratched.

Bag Section
This mirrorless Universal Camera Bag has pockets on the left and right side for placing mmc and cables. This bag has a pad on the handle of the bag to make it easier for you to carry along with a strap that can be adjusted to the length you want, so you will feel comfortable while using it. This mirrorless Universal camera bag can protect your camera and all accessories neatly and organized anywhere.
Strap Strap that is strong and fits your shoulder size
With a strong strap, the SDV Mirorrless Camera Bag MR-503c - Canvas Black is convenient to accompany your outdoor activities while doing your photography hobby.
Special Features :

Free Rain CoatMade of quality materials and materials
Stylish design
Comfortable to use
Safe for your camera
Add a fashionable impression to the user
Many capacities