Brinno BCC 2000 The Profesional Builder Camera

Brinno BCC 2000 The Profesional Builder Camera

Rp 11.950.000

Garansi 1 Tahun dengan pemakaian normal, kecuali karena kelalaian pemakaian (terjatuh, pecah, kemasukan air, battery bocor) tidak digaransi.

Make Your Profession Shine Brighter

The Brinno Construction Trio Bundle Pack contains EMPOWER-TLC2000 camera, the construction power housing, and an adjustable clamp mount. The pack provides all the essential equipment for powering your camera with long lasting battery life to document each stage of the project. Set it and forget it. Brinno delivers the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance for any situation.

HDR & FHD Time Lapse Video

Flexible Schedule Setup

Long Lasting Battery Life

Interchangeable Lens

Weather Resistant IPX5

Adjustable Clamp Mount

HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies

Powerful HDR & FHD sensors greatly improve images of high contrast scenes for quality works, outdoors or indoors, daytime or night. No more fear to backlight and low light environment.

Flexible Schedule Setup

Set video shooting schedule to meet the demands of your project. The camera reliably captures and auto-edits frames into documentation video for EZ jobsite monitoring.


Long Lasting Battery Life

Seamlessly combine proprietary power management system with powerful Power Housing.

The pack delivers awesomely lasting power supply to video record long time outdoor projects with minimum care and maintenance.

Simply set it up and forget about it until the project is done.

Long Lasting Battery Life

Weather Resistant IPX5

Add waterproof protection against adverse weather condition and assure the success of your jobsite video documentation.

Interchangeable Lenses

CS-mount interface to work with Brinno BCS zoom in lenses, producing amazing time lapse video with quality unseen details.

Adjustable Clamp Mount

STRONG, DURABLE and FLEXIBLE, the EZ to use and adjustable clamp opens from a minimum of 0.04 in (1mm) to a max of 3.5 in (90mm). It can grasp and hold on to any available object tightly and steadily at construction sites.

The camera arm has a 360 degree rotating tripod (¼") ball joint with 90° tilt for easily positioning the direction of the camera.

Flexible Mounting Way

Flat Surface

Clamp Mount-Flat
Clamp Mount-Flat


Clamp Mount-Tube
Clamp Mount-Tube

Camera Mounting Positions

Camera Mounting Positions

In the Box


Clamp Mount Kit


Time Lapse Camera


Construction Power Housing

BCC2000 Battery Life Chart

The BCC2000 camera provides DAY, TWILIGHT, and NIGHT three capture scene settings, please click below tabs to check the related battery life.

Time intervalEst. total battery life (days)
1 sec0.8
2 sec4.1
3 sec5.7
5 sec8.8
10 sec12.3
20 sec45.1
30 sec61.5
1 min103.3
5 min270.6
10 min328
1 hr377.2
4 hr377.2
24 hr377.2


  1. The estimated battery life shown on the above tables is tested with brand new AA Alkaline batteries (TLC2000: 2 pcs, ATH2000: 16 pcs, a total of 18 pcs AA batteries, battery brand: TOSHIBA LR6GCNN).
  2. The estimated battery life is tested under temperature conditions of 77 °F (25 °C).
  3. Battery life may vary based on brand, environmental conditions, operating temperature, and other factors.
  4. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

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