Athabasca CPL Filter 40.5 mm

ATHABASCA CPL(W) Filter 40.5mm

Rp 423.500


CPL (Circular Polarizer), circular polarizing lens, is used to eliminate the polarized light. CPL can enhance image contrast, deepen blue and highlight white clouds. Meanwhile, it can eliminate reflection of non-metal surface(water, glass, etc.) as well as reduce soft focus in scenic photos caused by mist. A good CPL won’t damage image color when filtering the polarized light.

How to Use:

Fix the CPL(W) directly to the front lens, rotate the CPL and observe the polarized light source through the LCD or viewfinder, until the polarized light weakens or disappears as expected.

Athabasca CPL(W)

  • Materials: Environmentally oxidized aviation aluminum
  • Raw materials: Japan imported optical glass & polarizing films
  • Technology: HD processed
  • Thickness:5.52mm