LEE Filters SW150 Adaptor Ring Canon 11-24mm

Rp 1.750.000

SW150 Adaptor Rings

The SW150 Mark II Holder fits to the lens via a lens Adaptor that needs to be purchased separately from the filter holder. Each Adaptor consists of a front ring, a compression ring and a locking ring that have been specifically designed for each particular lens. When fitted, they form a collar that remains on the lens at all times.

We are working on Adaptors for additional ultra-wid

SW150 Adaptor: Canon 11-24mm

The Adaptor consists of a front ring, a compressor ring and a locking ring specifically designed for the Canon EF 11-24mm f4L USM lens.

Due to the physical size of this lens, and the extremely wide angle of view, the SW150 filter holder will vignette at the widest angles. To avoid this we recommend using a minimum focal length of 13.5mm when using the filter holder with two filter slots and 12.5mm when using the holder with one filter slot.