LEE Filters Seven5 75x90 Reverse ND 0.9

Rp 1.525.000


Specifically designed to give the photographer full control of their exposure, the LEE Reverse ND Filters are an indispensable tool for when shooting sunrises and sunsets. With the full density in the centre and a carefully designed transition zone towards the top edge, the filter can be positioned into the brightest part of the image, while giving a natural, balanced exposure to the sky. These filters are also particularity useful when using ultra-wide angle lenses where light fall off often occurs at the corners of the image when shooting landscapes.

Key features

Compatible with Seven5 System filter holder (not included)

Designed for Compact System Camera users

0.9 ND reduces light by 3 Stops

Ideal for when photographing sunrises and sunsets

Filter is at its most dense on the horizon line, with a gradual transition zone

Most effective when used on lenses of 24mm or wider on a full frame DSLR (or equivalent)

Available in 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2 ND strengths

Gain full control

The new range of LEE Reverse ND filters have been specifically designed to give the photographer full control over images shot at the beginning and end of the day. As it's name suggests, the Reverse ND has a stronger density in the centre of the filter, with a carefully designed transition zone that gives a natural, balanced exposure to the sky. The Reverse ND allows the exposure to be controlled precisely at the horizon line, where a sunrise or sunset is at its brightest, making it ideal for seascapes in particular.

Professional LEE quality

As with all of LEE Filters' resin graduated filters, the Reverse ND is manufactured by hand by the skilled technicians at the company's Andover factory. This enables a level of precision and quality control that's unique in the industry. Most importantly, where many similar filters feature a strong 'stripe' at the horizon line that fades very sharply, the LEE Reverse ND has a much smoother, more gradual transition between the dyed and clear areas of the filter. The result is a pleasing and balanced image.

Seven5 System

Lightweight and portable, the LEE Seven5 Filter System is perfect for compact system camera users, offering ultimate versatility and control; In just a few moments you're ready to shoot. Please note: Seven5 filter holder not included and must be purchased separately.