BV Head is a new concept device designed for bird (action) photography and video. By attaching on the awards winning Q-Ball, it achieves the same efficiency of a gimbal head but with much less size and weight. It uses the smooth ball motion and panning action of Q-Ball while restricting the ball motion in one direction.

  • The main benefit is the size and weight relative to a gimbal head.
  • Setup is easily done by snapping in the BV module.
  • The combination has better anti-vibration effect because the whole setup is sitting right on the center of a tripod.
  • BV module is not compatible with the existing M10/M20/Q3/Q10/Q20 ballheads. It is compatible with only the new “i” type ballheads.
  • BV module is only available by a combination of BV-Head/Q-Ball.


Tujuan Pengiriman