• Heavy duty and durable
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • 16 mounting holes, compatible with many Phottix softboxes

The Phottix Speed Ring for Profoto mounts Phottix softboxes with a studio light or accessories with a Profoto-compatible mount.

The sturdy locking metal ring rotates to ensure that even when working in confined spaces, or at difficult angles, the speed ring can be easily mounted and rotated.

Made from high-grade material it is durable and will withstand the demands of constant travel.

* Softboxes sold separately. Not compatible with Phottx Transfolder softboxes.

Compatible with Phottix Softboxes:

  • Phottix Solas Strip Softbox with Grid
  • Phottix Solas Softbox with Grid 91x122cm (36″x48″)
  • Phottix Solas Octa Softbox with Grid (122cm/48″)
  • Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish (50cm and 70cm)
  • Phottix Hexa-Para Softbox (150cm/59″)
  • Phottix Hexa-Para Softbox (120cm/47″)


*Not compatible with Phottx Easy-Folder softboxes. (144mm, 16-Hole)


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