Thumbs Up E-Clypse Magnifier 0,85x 34mm

Rp 850.000

E-Clypse MAG 0.85x 34 & E-Clypse MAG 0.85x 42

E-Clypse MAG 0.85x reduces the size of the viewfinder image by 15%, and has either a 34 mm or 42 mm diameter circular silicon rubber eyecup. The reduced 85% view provided by E-Clypse MAG 0.85x makes the wider frame lines easier to see (appreciated by spectacle wearers), and allows the camera to be held further from your eye (for those not wearing spectacles).

E-Clypse MAG 0.85x works equally well whether the camera is held in portrait or landscape orientation. You can keep E-Clypse EyeCup Mag 0.85x on your camera permanently – its robust design and compact shape prevent it from becoming accidentally detached or being a hindrance when your Leica M is not being used, for example when stored in your camera bag.

E-Clypse MAG 0.85x 34 E-Clypse MAG 0.85x 42