ZHIYUN Crane 3 LAB Creator Package

Rp 8.500.000

ZHIYUN Crane 3 LAB Creator Package

The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3 LAB Creator Package includes the CRANE 3 LAB gimbal and dedicated accessoriesthat allow for an optimal workflow with the gimbal. The CRANE 3 LAB supports up to 10 lb and features a standout design with a top handle. This handle provides an additional point of stability as well as an easy way to switch to invertedmode. In addition to the accessories that come standard with the CRANE 3 LAB, such asa mini tripod, the Creator Package also includes a quick release baseplate,telescopic monopod, focus/zoom servo kit, two quick setup adapters, a phoneholder, and a multifunctional camera belt in size large.

The baseplate lets you easily move your camera between the gimbal and thehanging straps provided on the camera belt. It accepts the gimbal mountingplate on one side and latches onto the straps on the other. The idea is thatwhen you pack away your gimbal, you can leave your camera out for easy accesswithout having to remove the gimbal plate. The monopod is designed to secure toa quick release receptacle on the camera belt and allow for more stablejib-style shots, with the weight of the gimbal taken off your hands andsupported by the belt. Even without the belt the monopod can be used as acomfortable extension.

The servo kit consists of the Max and Lite motors for the CRANE 3 LAB. Thegimbal supports two motors at the same time, so both can be mounted to controlfocus and zoom. The Quick Setup Adapters let you attach the mini tripod ormonopod to the bottom of the gimbal by quick release functionality, instead ofhaving to screw it in each time. And the phone holder will hold your smartphoneon the side of the gimbal for monitoring. It supports up to 6.3" phonesand can be articulated forward and backward as well as folded up when not inuse.

Please see a full description of each packaged item below.

      CRANE 3 LAB Handheld Stabilizer

          The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3 LAB takes gimbal design in a different direction with the addition of a handle on top. With an included mini tripod attached on the bottom and this fixed, ergonomic handle on top, the CRANE 3 LAB can be used two-handed for optimal stability. Moreover, the handle enables you to seamlessly switch to underslung mode, whether with one or two hands, and achieve creative shots such as 360° roll shots as you move closer toward a subject. In addition to thisinnovative design, the CRANE 3 LAB also packs other advanced features, such as wireless video transmission, and provides the ability to stabilize up to 10 lb loads.

          The CRANE 3LAB supports two optional servos at the same time for focus and zoom controldirectly from the handwheel on the side. At the same time, all the othercontrols you need are provided at your fingertips at the top of the handlealong with an OLED status screen. Additionally, the included ZY PLAYiOS/Android app (free download) provides many of the same control functions aswell as special features such as panorama, focus time-lapse, motion time-lapse,long exposure time-lapse, camera settings, and more.

          Wirelesstransmission is achieved via a Wi-Fi connection to an iOS/Android phone ortablet. The CRANE 3 LAB wirelessly transmits your video recording from yourcamera to your mobile device in real time in 1080p resolution. This feature iscompatible with select cameras; please see the Zhiyun-Tech website for a fullcamera compatibility list.

          Zhiyun's LABseries was released along with an ecosystem of optional, dedicated TransMountaccessories. One of these is the TransMount Phone Holder, which allows you tomount your phone on the side of the gimbal for monitoring your shot via the ZYPLAY app. Other accessories include a camera belt, specialized monopods thatwork together with the belt, and the TransMount Quick Setup Adapter, which letsyou attach the included mini tripod by quick release functionality. This sameadapter can also be used to attach monopods to the bottom of the gimbal formore stable jib-style shots. If you get two of these adapters, you can easilyswap a monopod and a mini tripod on the spot as your needs require.

          Anothermajor feature of the gimbal is an axis latch lock system consisting of a separatelatch lock on each axis. This feature allows you to lock the individual axes toremember your balance positions when powering the gimbal off. This way youwon't have to rebalance each time.

          Note: TheCRANE 3 LAB doesn't support many 3rd-party 18650 batteries because it requiresthe slightly shorter kind made by Zhiyun-Tech, so only Zhiyun-Tech 18650batteries are recommended.

          Innovative Gimbal Design

          An ergonomic handle on top, used with a mini tripod attached on the bottom, allows two-handed operation plus easy switching to underslung mode.

          Dual Servo Support

          Two optional servo motors can be mounted on the CRANE 3 LABat the same time for focus and zoom control directly from the handwheel on theside of the gimbal. Zhiyun offers two dedicated motors, the TransMount Max andTransMount Lite servos. The Max version has enough torque to handle zoom andfocus control, while the Lite version provides the torque for focus control. Ifyou'll be switching one motor between zoom and focus control, the Max versionis the one you need. But if you'll be mounting two motors at the same time,then a combination of one Max and one Lite version is the recommended solution.

          Aviation Grade Motors

          Featuring aviation grade motors and a different gimbal design, the CRANE 3 LAB achieves 50% noise reduction and 100% increase in motor torque over Zhiyun's previous models.

          Crafted Latch Design

          The CRANE 3 LAB is designed with a red latch next to eachaxis for saving the balance positions when powering the gimbal off for storageor battery swaps. When powered back on, the gimbal returns to its balancepositions. This way you won't have to rebalance it every time you power it on.

          1080p Wireless Image Transmission

          Via a Wi-Fi connection to an iOS/Android phone or tablet,the CRANE 3 LAB is capable of wirelessly transmitting your video recording toyour mobile device as a 1080p image in real time.

          ViaTouch Control System

          The CRANE 3 LAB's ViaTouch Control System consists of avariety of controls that come up on the ZY PLAY app and allow for framingshots, controlling certain gimbal movements, and adjusting camera settings.

          TransMount Quick Release Baseplate for WEEBILL LAB, Crane 3-Lab & Crane 2

          The TransMount Quick Release Baseplate from Zhiyun-Tech is designed to let you easily move your camera between the gimbal and the TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt or Gimbal Bag. On one side, the baseplate accepts the mountingplate of the WEEBILL LAB, Crane 3-Lab, or Crane 2, and on the other side itfeatures a latch that lets you attach onto the straps provided on the outsideof the belt and bag. In this way, when you pack away your gimbal or put it awaytemporarily, you can keep the camera handy without having to remove the gimbalmounting plate. The latch, which is made of metal, securely locks when you pushit in and unlocks at the press of two pins on the sides.

          TransMount Telescopic Monopod with Locking Buckle

          The Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Telescopic Monopod with Locking Bucklis designed to work withthe optional TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt to support handheldgimbals. The belt features a quick release socket that the monopod securesinto. A quick release anchor point included with the belt screws into thebottom of the monopod and allows the monopod to pop into and out of the belt'ssocket, which has two spring-loaded quick release pins.

          Together,the monopod and belt take the weight of the gimbal off your hands and allow forcomfortable jib-style shots. They also allow for easier control of the focuswheel offered on gimbals such as the Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL LAB and CRANE 3 LAB.

          The Telescopic Monopod also works like any standard monopod and has a tripod basethat allows you to push in and out with stability. It telescopes out from 18.5to 47" and includes a removable rubber foot for setting it down on theground without the tripod base. It has a comfortable sponge grip and includes awrist strap that makes everything feel more secure in your hands. A supplied1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 screw adapter installs at the top of the monopodto provide you with either type of mounting point so you can mount gimbals,fluid heads, and other gear.

          Key Features

            • Designed to work with the optional TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt to support handheld gimbals
            • Removable tripod base with individually adjustable feet
            • 18.5 to 47" length
            • Sponge grip
            • Wrist strap
            • Removable rubber foot included
            • 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 threaded screw adapter included

              TransMount Focus & Zoom Servo Combo Kit for Crane 3-Lab

                The Crane3-Lab gimbal supports up to two motors at the same time. The Zhiyun-TechTransMount Focus & Zoom Servo Combo Kit includes the TransMount Maxzoom/focus servo and slightly lighter TransMount Lite focus servo. Togetherthese two motors allow you to control both focus and zoom with zero latency.The motors attach to the bottom of the Crane's baseplate without any toolsusing just the included brackets, rods, and thumbscrews.

                  TransMount Quick Setup Adapter for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB

                    The TransMountQuick Setup Adapter from Zhiyun-Tech is a quick release adapter forinstantly attaching mini tripods and monopods to the Crane 3-Lab or WEEBILL LABgimbal. It consists of two parts—one screws onto the tripod/monopod and theother to the gimbal's tripod mount, and the two simply click into each other.To detach them, you just need to pull back on a collar. The adapter preventshaving to screw and unscrew a tripod/monopod each time. Featuring a1/4"-20 male/female design, the adapter can also be used independent ofthe gimbal for various accessories, such as monitors.

                    Two unitsare recommended for the WEEBILL LAB because the WEEBILL offers two locationsfor attaching a mini tripod—one on top and one on the bottom. With an adapterattached at each of the two locations, your mini tripod can easily be movedbetween one and the other to switch between standard and underslung modes.

                    The QuickSetup Adapter features a robust aluminum construction.

                    Key Features
                    • Quick release adapter for attaching mini tripods and monopods to the Crane 3-Lab or WEEBILL LAB gimbal
                    • Consists of two parts—one secures to the tripod/monopod and the other to the gimbal; the two click into each other
                    • Detachable by pulling back on a collar
                    • Can also be used separately from the gimbal with various other 1/4"-20 accessories
                    • Aluminum construction

                    TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB

                    The TransMountPhone Holder with Crown Gear from Zhiyun-Tech is compatible with theCrane 3-Lab and WEEBILL LAB. It secures on the side of the gimbal and isadjustable to hold phones up to 6.3" wide when the phone is held inlandscape orientation. It also articulates forward/backward and can be foldedup when not in use.

                      TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt (Large)

                        Designed tosupport the TransMount Mini and Telescopic monopods, the large-sized Zhiyun-TechTransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt provides a point of stabilityfor anything you mount on the monopod, including a gimbal. When the belt isused with a monopod and gimbal such as the WEEBILL LAB, the additional point ofbalance allows for substantially more stable and comfortable jib-type shots andlets you control the gimbal's focus wheel more easily. The belt also hasmilitary-grade strips along its length for hanging accessories such as lensbags and the TransMount Baseplate.

                        For securingthe monopod, the belt features a receptacle suspended on a hanging strap. Thereceptacle has a removable quick release 1/4"-20 mounting platform thatscrews into the bottom of the monopod and then pops in and out of thereceptacle by quick release functionality. Two registration pins on thereceptacle lock into a groove on the 1/4"-20 mounting platform to lock thetwo together.

                          Key Features

                            • Designed to support the Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Mini and Telescopic monopods via a receptacle with a quick release mounting platform (dual registration pins)
                            • Provides an additional point of stability for jib-type shots and much more
                            • Allows the user to more easily control the focus wheel of gimbals such as the Crane 3-Lab or WEEBILL LAB
                            • Military grade strips for hanging lens bags and other accessories