SONY ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone

Rp 1.699.000

PWP 10% A6400/L, A6600/M, A7SM3, A7C/L, A7M3/K, ZV-1
Periode : 06 - 30 September 2021


SONY ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone

Give your movies stereo sound

Bring your films to life with this lightweight, compact stereo microphone. Enjoy rich, clear sound, with a wide frequency range that captures deep timbre.

Up to 120° of sound

Get the sound you want with an adjustable recording range of up to 120°. Capture depth of sound with precision, whether filming a solo shot or group scene.

Reduce wind noise

The included windscreen minimizes interference from the elements.

Plug in, power up

A microphone cable lets you plug in and charge your Handycam®.


Record high-quality, detailed sound

The ECM-XYST1M gives you a wide frequency range to capture more timbres and increase sound quality

Adjust sound capture across a wide range

Adjust the recording range from zero to 120 degrees to capture sound with more depth and detail

Lightweight and compact

Weighs just 3.53 oz, so it's easy to attach to and carry on your camera or camcorder

Supports plug-in power

A microphone terminal cable is provided for plug-in power to your Handycam®