M-Coplus MP-SA 60 Mini Handheld Stabilizer

Rp 1.810.000
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Mcoplus Mini Handheld stabilizer SA-60 (HSM-B)


• Bidirectional base plate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any direction
• Pulling the adjusting knob can separate the quick release plate form the base
• High-precision bearings, low-friction joints
• Super smooth gimbals, accurate motion
• Comfort grip handle
• Min height: 40cm
• Max height: 60cm


Multi-angle shooting
- Look up shooting
- Look down shooting

Support for multiple range
Support for multiple range, carry 0kg - 3kg of equipment,
such as all kinds of SLR cameras, boutique and household DV, etc

Product Information:

- Special ball head desktop design
- Comfortable head grip make you move it to everywhere easily
- High quality Carbon Fiber material
- Special mount design, you can adjust the high according to your favor

- Installing desktop lock
- Desktop sliding button
- Delicate 360 rotation design
- Comfortable head grip
- Delicate design

Adjustment Knobs
Quick Release Plate can be adjusted according by yourself, A is before and
after adjustment, B&c are locking knob.

The result of sharp image from camera's shooting must rely on professional tripod

and the balancing mechanism of tripod head is also important.
The continuous dynamic balance of the system provides a smooth movement
which the conventional tripod can't match.
Easily controlled so that the photographer can capture the best shooting opportunities